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This mug is available in a few places, but we like this seller on Etsy best. Sobriety isn’t always all rainbows but it sure is awesome! This art print makes the perfect gift for the sober person in your life or for your own space. Colorful and a great reminder of an awesome life milestone. Create a sobriety calendar for your loved one’s first year in recovery — or any year!

Plan a camping trip to a national park if they’re outdoorsy or a beach getaway for those who prefer a laid-back vacation. Just remember to do the research to determine there are no triggers in these settings. For instance, if a resort advertises a poolside bar or a hotel includes a rooftop bar, it’s probably best to choose a different place.

Sobriety Gifts: Gifts to Celebrate Sobriety

The staff loved me until I could love myself, and taught me how to deal with myself. Is your loved one wanting to learn a new skill like painting, cooking, or carpentry?

You can choose one of their standard designs or customize your own for a more personalized present. Remember to ask the recovering alcoholic in your life if they are comfortable drinking such a beverage, as some may prefer to abstain or mood-altering substances entirely. But choosing the perfect present is even more challenging when the occasion is highly significant, and your gift demands careful consideration. By submitting this form, I agree to be contacted by Rehab After Work. One of our experienced intake professionals will contact you shortly to discuss your treatment and recovery options. We respect your privacy, and all information shared with us is completely confidential.

#22: A Sobriety Calendar

Addiction creates remarkable stress in interpersonal relationships, making sobriety the ideal opportunity to start repairing this damage. In some ways, the best gift you can give someone in recovery is your unconditional love and support. Titles about addiction recovery and mental health to choose from.


Spoil sobriety gift ideas sometimes, especially when he is a badass in recovery. It’s the hardest thing he ever had to do, and he did it. Also, would you hit that social share button for me? These unique sobriety gifts for dads are awesome finds if they match your dad’s personality and style. The Celebrate Recovery 365 Daily Devotional is the ideal gift for Christian dads in sober recovery.


Mine drank it strong, black, and every day of his adult life. So here are a few sober dad coffee mugs for java-loving papas like mine. There are many items like mugs and clothing out there for your sober loved one that can help to promote their sobriety. Many people in recovery are proud of the progress that they have made and aren’t afraid to show it off, for people like this, these types of gifts are perfect.

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As we know, soda is not the most healthy alternative, luckily SodaStream offers carbonated water in addition to soda functions. Pick a personalized display box or chip holder and give your loved one a secure home for these important keepsakes. This would make a wonderful one year sobriety gift for a loved one who is proud of his recovery.