Top 100 Irish Women

It highlights the liberating social space of the writing group and the vital opportunities offered by periodicals and the private press. It brings to attention the ongoing challenges faced by women poets in a male-dominated publishing sphere. Along with the poetic texts are biographical and critical essays contributed by the foremost scholars in the field. Specially commissioned by Alexander Street, the essays provide valuable historical context and insightful literary analysis for student and professor alike. For some of the poets, the essays will be the only substantial scholarly assessments available.

  • Meaning “freedom” in Irish Gaelic, this girls’ name is pronounced SHEER-sha.
  • It’s no wonder Irish girl names are quite popular.
  • Eithne.
  • If you’re looking for the best of Celtic women’sclothing, look no further than the Irish Store.
  • Elizabeth means “my God is an oath,” and Alice means “noble type,” so you have your choice of beautiful interpretations.
  • Under EU legislation, Member States must eliminate discrimination on grounds of sex with regard to all aspects and conditions of payment for the same work or for work of equal value.

The cost of domestic and intimate partner violence – of which 87% is carried out against women – is estimated to be €175 billion. Data published in 2021 by the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights shows that violence against women is systematically under-reported and commonly features coercive control and attacks of a sexual nature. Equality between genders is one of the fundamental principles of EU law, and legislation for equal rights between women and men has existed since the very early days of the European Community.

The EU Strategy on victims’ rights aims to ensure that all victims of all crime, including gender-based violence, can fully rely on their rights. The European Institute for Gender Equality estimates the cost of gender-based violence across the EU to be €366 billion per year, with the costs of violence against women amounting to €289 billion (79%).

Although we come from a small island in Europe, the word of the Irish culture has travelled far and wide. Ireland Before You Die is the biggest Irish travel and culture website. We highlight the most inspiring experiences Ireland has to offer. Sadly, she was shot dead in 1996 at the young age of 37.

Top 100 Irish Women

Across Europe women are still over-represented in lower paid jobs, under-represented in decision-making positions of power and suffer disproportionally from gender-based violence. Rose Fitzgerald was born in Boston’s North End, the daughter of famous politician John ‘Honey Fitz’ Fitzgerald and Mary Josephine Hannon.

Historical Events

If you like the names Finola or Nuala from above but want a longer version, more on irish women features consider Fionnuala. Like the other monikers, it means “white shoulder,” and Fionnuala is the exact spelling of one of the four children of the sea god Lir, who were transformed into swans for 900 years. Clíodhna. Though its meaning is unknown, Clíodhna—pronounced KLEE-u-na—was the name of a beautiful and brave goddess from Irish mythology.

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Your one-stop- Irish shop for the perfect Irish gift for her. Beautifully crafted women’s Irish clothing from the finest yarns of super-soft merino and luxurious cashmere blends. The highest concentration of redheads exists in Ireland and paired with the fair skin, this has to be one of the most resonant and unique looks which define Irish women. Banter is usually only exchanged between loved ones, friends or those you fancy!

She had a ‘daring personality and a voice like a trumpet,’ and wasn’t afraid to confront male politicians in public settings, relishing her nickname, the Grand Heckler. When the 19th Amendment passed in 1920, granting women voting rights, Foley went on the lecture circuit and later worked as Deputy Commissioner of the Child Welfare Division in Boston. Project MUSE promotes the creation and dissemination of essential humanities and social science resources through collaboration with libraries, publishers, and scholars worldwide. Forged from a partnership between a university press and a library, Project MUSE is a trusted part of the academic and scholarly community it serves. Ailbhe. There seems to be no shortage of long and short Irish female names, so we’ve added a few more, including favorites like Enya and unique options like Éadaoin.

Conor has a keen interest in discovering everything Ireland has to offer. From sleeping in tree houses in the Ox Mountains to staying in shepherd huts in Donegal, Conor has experienced it. With qualifications in Marketing & Advertising with Online Media as well as Print Journalism, Conor has worked as a Website Content Writer/SEO Specialist in the past for many websites. Conor has had two short stories published in the widely acclaimed Wexford Bohemian Literary Journal. Conor’s favourite types of articles to write are ones which involve history, scenic locations and the news. When not exploring Ireland and finding out its secrets, Conor can usually be found working on his own supernatural novel series.

Kearney and Headrick strive to shift the spotlight with Irish Women Dramatists. The plays collected in this volume represent a cross-section of the excellent dramatic output of Irish women writing in the twentieth century. Órlaith. You’ve seen a few anglicized forms of this Irish girls’ name on our list, but we had to include the old spelling, too. Plus, its meaning, “golden ruler,” connotes strength. It’s pronounced OHR-la. Irish baby names for girls include a number of cute options.

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